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Emplumadora Big Jig

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Emplumadora Big JigBig Jig

• Fletches vanes with 1° right offset or 3° right helical
• Places 3 vanes at 120° apart, 4 vanes at 90° apart or 4 vanes at 60°-120°-60°-120°
• Works for up to 4” vanes (127 mm)


The Big Jig™ is designed to fletch up to a 4" vane on a 1° right offset or 3° right helical. Easy set up and simple operation allows you to fletch any standard size arrow shaft.  The Big Jig™ is compact, lightweight, yet very sturdy and durable.  The Big Jig™ includes 2 clamps, nock receiver, clamp release tape and fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions.

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